Cling stamp DIY using EZ-mount

12:14:00 AM

I find cling stamps easier to see where my stamps will be, or may be it is more a feeling thing. Anyway I decided to find a way to create cling stamps when I EZ-mount. SO I gave it a try, and it works.. I believe someone out there would like to know about it too.. =)

1. You need EZ-mount Sheet, Rubber Stamp sheet and Archival ink or any permanent ink you have, I guess memento and StazOn work perfect too as they are permanent.

2. Ink the sheet as it is and stamp it on the corner of the EZ-mount. It is the easiest way to make sure that it stamps the right place. It take longer time to dry.. go eat some chocolate and come back...

3. Put back för packing white sheet on the stamped area to make it easier to work on the other side, the sticky one. 
 3. Try not check, touch or get near the stamps area, if it wasn't totally dry then you will mess it up like I did with the sentiment... I got angry and ate more chocolate!!
and voila!

I hope I added a new information, if not, I hope you didn't find it boring (you wouldn't read this if you are!)


 PS. Sorry I have no good camera or lighting in the room, this is a mobile photo!


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