It's a come back time

5:00:00 AM

Yes, it has been so long I haven't made anything crafty. Traveling is the main reason and being away from all my crafty stash. Of course, I bought some stuff in between days and I made some cards to a limitation to what I had in hands.

But we all know if you have the fancy tools means you are creative, not sure this is true as most of us haven't everything but still doing nice job. Last Christmas, I had:

1 stamp set, 1 wood stamp, 1 stickers set, 1 black ink pad, 1 black pigment liner, 1 white gel pen, 1 silver, 1 gold, 1 set of blank cards, 1 paper pad and 1 glue stick.

Here I share some of last Christmas works:

I won't be having my stash before August 2016 and really looking forward to set up my new craft room. I never thought, being away from stash and crafting, would affect my mood and creativity!!

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